Traveling To Costa Rica? Tips For Finding Good Hotels to Stay At

Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica? Do you want to stay in one of the top Costa Rica boutique hotels? If you’re anything like me, you will surely want to do exactly that. But how can you find out which boutique hotels are the best? It can be daunting, even overwhelming, to have to research such a thing. Luckily for you, there are a number of simple tips and tricks you can use to figure out which hotels are the best.

Costa Rica Boutique Hotels - Kura Design Villas

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kura Design Villas, Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica

The first thing to do, of course, is to check the internet! The internet provides a wealth of information, all for free. Simply go to a search engine such as Google or Bing and type in “Costa Rica Boutique Hotels” and you can find plenty of information quite readily. You can not only find lists of Costa Rica boutique hotels, but also customer reviews of such places!

Cala Luna Hotel

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Customer reviews are very important when choosing a good boutique hotel in Costa Rica, on good website you can find customer reviews of most hotels is TripAdvisor. You’ll want to read each customer’s review carefully, to get a sense of which ones are the best. No need to make your own mistakes, learn from other people’s mistakes! Through these customer reviews, you can discover if a hotel offers good or bad service to their clients, had better or worse amenities, or a number of other important things such as nearby activities and tours or other services that might add additional value to your stay for example a free spa session or complimentary surfing classes if you opt for staying at a beach hotel.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Luxury Hotels - The Preserve at Los Altos

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Preserve at Los Altos Hotel & Resort, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

It can be tempting to go to the cheapest Costa Rica boutique hotel, in an attempt to save your pocket book some stress. You should avoid that temptation, though. I’m not saying you should opt for the most expensive one, of course. Just because something is the most expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best. However, something being cheap is usually a good sign that it won’t be especially of high quality.

While searching, you will find out that in Costa Rica not all boutique hotels have good customer reviews, so avoid running the risk of having poor service, poor food, poor room cleanliness, or a number of other issues that come from saving a few bucks when booking your hotel. You certainly don’t want things like that ruining your vacation! So make sure you set aside enough money to go to a proven high quality hotel!

And that’s it! You may think these tips are so simple as to never need to be spoken, but you’d be surprised how few people do their own research. Don’t just do what your travel agent says!

Experience a Spectacular Costa Rica Honeymoon?


If you are considering a Costa Rica honeymoon you’re in good company and with good reason! Costa Rica is the perfect place to start wedded bliss and it is now ranked in the top ten for get-away destinations. But for the couple on their honeymoon Costa Rica means more than just going where the going is great, it means going to that romantic heaven.

Honeymoons are spectacular, what better way to start a new life than with a vacation. A honeymoon should be the vacation of a lifetime, sometimes spending less on the wedding and more on the honeymoon is very sage advice.

There are so many places that offer great honeymoon retreats, there are domestic locations and there are some wonderful exotic locations to choose from. Cost Rica honeymoon has to be on the top ten list of exotic honeymoon vacations.

Why Cost Rica For a Honeymoon?


The first and most influential choice is the cost. There are plenty of beautiful spots around the globe that will afford the same paradise feel as Cost Rica but none can match it in the cost. Costa Rica is located in Central America bordered by Nicaragua on the North and Panama on the south. It has a well-developed tourism infrastructure and is geographically amazing. There are huge national parks and waterfalls, the rainforests are lush and full of life and the beaches are pristine some very private.

Costa Rica is a great place to spend a honeymoon. The lush rainforests and the white sand beaches just beckon for couples to come and relax. There are so many things to do during your stay in Costa Rica or do nothing at all. Every resort offers canopy tours of the rain forest, hiking, snorkeling; some have volcano hikes and other group activities.

The weather is temperate and comfortable thanks to the rainforest. There are ocean breezes and cool evenings perfect for cuddling under the stars.

Cost of a Costa Rica Honeymoon

The cost of a Costa Rica honeymoon will vary but will start at a very reasonable two thousand dollar per couple excluding air fare. There are all inclusive packages available that include all meals and snacks. There are plenty of package options and all of them are very reasonable even for the most luxurious resort that pricing is still reasonable and much less by comparison. Booking is easy, there are online sites that can get your booking done, a travel agent is sure to be able to take care of the arrangements or contact the Costa Rican tourism board who would be more than willing to point the right direction.

A Costa Rica honeymoon will make memories of a lifetime. The cost is right and the location is exotic. There are many couples’ activities at many of the resorts that offer honeymoon packages.

Want a Costa Rica honeymoon vacation in style? Go to for more comprehensive and detailed information.


There is so much a Costa Rica honeymoon has to offer it is impossible to convey the emotions that will be bubbling up from inside as you first arrive. Anticipation that won’t be disappointed is one such emotion. Will you be staying in an ocean side room with glass walls that move out of the way for endless vistas and warm evening breezes. It’s not impossible to imagine the romance of a fine, moonlit evening lounging in your own hot tub with the roar of the ocean and cool evening sand just steps away. We wish you all the best.

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Top 5 Worldwide Travel Destinations

Planning a vacation trip can be very tasking especially when one has to consider the time and efforts that go into making sure the experience is memorable and fulfilling. The choice of picking a travel destination does not make the process any easier as there are several spots to choose from even as travelers look to cut costs and have all the fun possible. From Paris to Costa Rica, and Sydney, Australia, travelers have a huge of destinations to choose from. The list below names our handpicked top 5 travel destinations every tourist should consider. In no particular order, the list gives a brief description of these places and why you should have them on your list of travel spot.

Paris France

The romantic city of Paris in France is the first on our list. Popular for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, other features make Paris a must visit place if fun and relaxation is what you look out for on your vacation. With features like the Eiffel Tower and the Napoleons tomb, not to talk of the delicious cuisines that will leave you asking for more, your vacation trip to Paris guarantees satisfaction, relaxation, and fun in a cosy and romantic environment.

Other notable places in Paris include the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Saint Chapelle church, and the largest art museum in the world – the Louvre.

Costa Rica

Most people would rather consider some other destinations than Costa Rica. However, this Central American country boasts of leaving travelers with wonderful fun experience. Costa Rica literally means paradise and it is no wonder tourists flood this country yearly. Beaches, resorts, and nature are some of the features that keep attracting people to this destination year in year out.

Costa Rica affords travelers the opportunity to have a subtle and quiet vacation with friends and family as they enjoy the best of nature.

There are several travel packages offered by a number of travel agencies allowing travelers a number of options to choose from.

The beaches and wildlife are the most notable attractions and tourists get to partake in such activities as swimming, deep sea fishing and scuba diving.

The Maldives

Tourists from across the globe visit Maldives yearly to grab some of the fun this destination has to offer. Maldives boasts of having great shore lines and amazing serene beauty that give every tourist pleasure and satisfaction.

Tourists get to have fun from participating in adventurous water sports and visiting some amazing places in Maldives. Some of these locations include the capital city Male, the Grand Friday Mosque, and the Esjehi Art Gallery.

Other spots to visit are the Maldives fish market and of course, the beautiful beaches in Maldives.

Maui Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii is the second largest island in Hawaii. The wonderful beaches and great water activities make this spot a top choice for travelers all over the world.

What other features attracts tourist to Maui? The great weather condition that allows for great surfing and the fun of swimming with the dolphins are just some of the many attractions to Maui.

Maui has something to offer every traveler irrespective of the age or gender and the number of visitors to Maui can only increase yearly.

Sydney Australia

Photo from Wikipedia

What is a list of top travel destinations without the mention of Sydney, Australia? Sydney is probably one of the most travel-friendly places in the world. From fun shopping to great culturally rich cuisines and affordable lifestyle, Sydney continues to attract tourist globally.

The destinations listed above are just some of the places to be included in a tourist’s list of must-visit travel destinations. There are other fun places that can also be included in this list but any destination from those mentioned above is sure to leave a long-lasting fun memories.